2be one is born to Pantelleria Island in the 2002
The islands, once were incontaminati spaces, depositaries of an ecological equilibrium bio, handed on from centuries from father in son, for a long time by now, are abandoned to theirs destino.Le cultivations, the architectures and the only typical products, than them have rendered famous in the world, are a mere memory. The atmosphere stravolto from the forsennato and uncontrolled arrival of human beasts calls "tourists to you" joints on the place attracted from their beauty, has made yes that the same ones with their takeovers, have transformed to them and irriconoscibili yields to their same occhi.Somma to all this abandonment of the cultivations from part of the aged population and the arrival in the islands of the hundreds of car of the "tourists", abandoned as property left at death on the hardly unsuitable roads and ritratto are completo.In these our beautiful Mediterranean islands, the winter is hard, but hard little, we say that for 8 months the year it is possible to turn comfortably in motion or in bicycle without to peck hated influenza.Il the park it blots some of for the "tourists" in particular it is composed of cross-country vehicle of every type, of all the useless one and dispendiose.In 1995, Greenpeace has introduced in Europe a known prototype of motor vehicle with the name of SmILE (Small, Intelligent, Light, Efficient).L' car was a Twingo, and the main innovations regarded a new motor, improvements in the aerodynamics, applicable to whichever car. Greenpeace therefore has demonstrated that it would be possible to reduce of 50% the consumptions and, therefore, the harmful gas emissions for the ambiente.Queste modifications is applicable to all the cars, not only to the Twingo; this machine has been capacity from Beppe Cricket in front of cancels of Fiat in order to propose the modifications in their cars of series, result: nulla.Nelle the our islands, an car must have minimum 2 mails, a capiente portabagagli, a motor that a cruise speed of 50 km concurs with the maximum, and a minimal dimension, in order to park with facility along the small roads, to consume little, and to possibly pollute less possible, and opened for being able to feel the nature on pelle.Da the these premises our plan of the car for isole.Da 2be to tubes the step has left has been breve.Filippo Panseca has designed the car leaving from a rollerbar composed from 2 circles in steel tube. In the model realized in knit brass thread, chassis and the carrying structure of the car very they were defined. We have begun to realize a first prototype of the structure to Pantelleria, being begun the search of the propeller that on our plan would have had to be electrical worker to photovoltaic energy. The truth has stopped to us, was impossible to put it in yard to Pantelleria.We have put in net the schematic design of the car realized in 3d from Panseca and with astonishment we have been contacts to you from a Chinese company that has proposed to us of produrlo, in the first phase with a internal-combustion engine and in the successive phase to photovoltaic clean energy, as from our plan it begins themAfter nearly 2 years, with every day exchanges of mail, designs, proposals and conversations via Skype with Mr. Sammy coordinator of the plan in China and Filippo Panseca in Italy 2be it has taken shape and contained and the car finally it has arrived in Italia.ONO, this the name of the small car island' s and City car, strongly in its structure in painted steel has for the moment one propeller of cc. 150 set in action to green benzine, can transport with facility 2 persons with baggage and can travel to one the maximum speed of 60 km/h. The consumption would have to be gone around to 35 km/lt. And it will be possible to guide it with one clear for motion from 150cc.Il new model 2 is already in gestation in Italy with a equipe that it is working to the plan.
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2be ONO 2002 -  designer Filippo Panseca for Sowellcom Scooter Manufacture Corp.
Single cylinder, four -stoke, forced air-cooler engine
Max power and rotate speed:6,5kw/7000 R/min
Starting system: Electric
Gearshift mode: Infinitely variable speeds
Ignition: CDI
Fuel tank:4,5 lt
Engine type:157qmj
Dimension (l*w*h):2300x1400x1600mm
Distance between axies:1600mm
Distance between front wheels:960mm
Distance between rear wheels:780mm
Ground clearance:180mm
Number person:2
Dry weight:235 KG
Tire front:21x7-10
Tire rear:22x11x10
Maximum weight:450kg
Max speed:60km/h
Brake system front/rear: Disk/disk
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